State-of-the-art Diers Biomedical Technology, the worldwide leader in the field of optical 3D/4D postural and gait analysis is now available at APOS, Kilcolgan.

Gait analysis identifies biomechanical abnormalities in the way you stand, walk or run. It provides comprehensive biomechanical information relating to spine posture alignment, muscle strength measurement, foot pressure and gait assessment. The whole musculoskeletal system is mapped and measured without using magnetism or radiation as deployed by other technologies.

The collated information allows our registered clinical prosthetist/orthotists to determine underlying causes of pain or discomfort arising from poor alignment, or gait and foot malfunction and will offer solutions to alleviate your symptoms in order to ‘restore functional independence’ and to improve biomechanical performance across a range of endeavours, including running, hiking, field sports, dance and other activities.

We are the only private organisation in Ireland offering comprehensive clinical technological based analysis, assessment and diagnostic solutions following an on-site consultation. The  cost of a full clinical assessment utilising Diers Biomedical Technology at our Kilcolgan facility, supervised by our highly qualified clinical prosthetist/orthotists starts at €140.00.

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