TheraTogs:  APOS is delighted to offer TheraTogs to health professionals in Ireland and the UK

What are TheraTogs?

TheraTogs (or as our paediatric clients call them, ‘supersuits’) are orthotic garment systems designed to provide gentle, prolonged muscle stretch and alignment guidance that replicates the manual positioning and supervised therapy that the rehabilitative clinician offers in a typical session.

How do your TheraTogs work?

The clinician uses TheraTogs to extend the benefits of this all-too-short (and probably too infrequent) rehab session into the client’s daylong activities – and the client gains thousands of additional repetitions in corrected functional alignment or postural position. That’s exactly why they are promoted using the  well-earned tagline as Therapy You Wear™.

The biomechanical or sensori-motor principles behind a TheraTogs garment-and-strapping application are thus the same principles that supported the therapy session that preceded it. TheraTogs serves as “body training underwear” that is customized by the clinician for the wearer’s specific needs. In short:

Therapeutic principles/protocols expressed via garments + strapping = wearable therapy

  • Available in six product configurations and sizes ranging from infants to adults.
  • TheraTogs are worn against the skin and under the clothes – out of sight, out of mind, silently guiding the wearer to a better body.
  • The unique, foam-lined material is comfortable and comforting; the lower extremity garment, which we call the “Hipster”, is designed with a wide opening so that wearers can go to the toilet without removing them.
PLEASE NOTE:  As simple as they are in concept, TheraTogs are not an off-the-shelf orthopedic soft goods product that can be “figured out” and used effectively and safely by the typical layperson. Every TheraTogs package is labeled with the reminder that the system must be used under the direction of a licensed rehabilitative professional.
For further information, please contact us on 091 796983 or                                              Alternatively you can click on the link here: APOS Thera Togs

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