Insoles & inlays

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When you arrive at our clinic you will meet and be assessed by a qualified and registered  orthotist with years of experience in orthotic clinical care. This detailed examination and assessment of the patient  allows the clinician  to recommend the optimum component combination to meet your needs, situation and lifestyle expectations. Your device is bespoke, made to measure your unique specifications reflecting that each patient is different and that what works for one patient may not work for another. Accordingly, your APOS clinician will be able to assess the best course of treatment for your unique physiology.

Each bespoke orthotic insole comes guaranteed to provide the highest quality and support that your foot needs. The orthotist will take a cast of your foot. This is followed by a high tech scan to achieve the best possible shape and support based on both clinical advice and the support your foot requires. High grade medical materials are used to give you the right support in targeted areas of your foot as determined by your orthotist.

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Restoring Functional Independence

APOS Ltd is an Irish owned, specialist clinical, prosthetics and orthotics provider. We are involved in gait analysis and the manufacture and fitting of specific prosthetic and orthotic devices to clients with a wide range of pathologies.

We pride ourselves on our innovative and creative design and we strive to provide the highest quality services for our patients.

Atlantic Prosthetic Orthotic Services Ltd Company Registration Number 352490