When you arrive at our clinic you will be assessed by a qualified orthotist from a company with years of experience in orthotic clinical care.

A detailed examination and assessment of the patient  by our Clinicians allows us to suggest the best available component combination. Each patient is different, what works for one patient may not work for another.  Your clinician will be able to assess the best course of treatment for your unique physiology.

Each bespoke orthotic insole comes guaranteed to provide the highest quality and support that your foot needs. The Orthotist will take a cast your foot and will then make a high tech scan to achieve the best possible shape and support,based on both clinical advice and the support your foot requires. High grade medical materials are used to give you the right support in targeted areas of your foot as determined by your Orthotist.

We provide bespoke Orthotics in APOS for every type of foot problem. our Orthotics are made from a material which gives the highest level of support and comfort to you.

Autistic / sensory seeking toe walkers have been found to benefit from the use of Neurological Foot Orthoses. Benefiting from the sensory feedback of the Orthosis design patents are less likely to toe walk. APOS have introduced their NEURO Foot Orthosis for this patient group. This Orthotic intervention is considerably less invasive than alternatives such as casting, Orthopaedic footwear or Ankle Foot Orthoses.

Flat Feet are easily seen as having a wide footprint and are normally too flexible requiring strong shoes for comfort and stability. Muscle strengthening can be a useful way of counteracting some of these problems but is much more effective technique to use when you are a child and your body is still developing.

High arched feet are quite different allowing very little contact with the ground in the instep of your foot. The foot is typically quite rigid and shows reduced range of motion with too much pressure being taken at the ball of the foot. Achilles and hamstrings can normally be quite tight, therefore stretching is really important.

The Supinated Foot is a complex foot type which often requires a full custom orthotic device, Which we provide. This foot type typically requires a close fit, high arch profile, shock attenuation, lateral posting and a heel raise.

The Celtic pes cavus is a type of foot
common to Ireland where the arch of the foot is higher than is commonly found in other parts of Europe.