APOS uses market leaders in Lycra Garments DMO Orthotics to make the highest quality Therapeutic Lycra garments available to patients in Ireland.  Our highly skilled clinical team have a high success rate at measuring and fitting these impressive garments.



How they work

We have listened to our customers, from adults with neurological conditions to therapists and parents working with children with neurological impairments, to provide a unique contribution to treatment.  We have combined current methods of intervention with scientific evidence based studies and materials research to produce orthoses that truly and effectively address individual needs.

Our bespoke measuring and design process ensures that each item is tailored with the highest level of precision for a truly personalised prescription, suited to a client’s specific needs.  By doing this we can give our customers peace of mind that every effort has been made to guarantee that our product is of the highest standard to strike a balance between facilitating strength, support and enabling range of movement in order to maximise function.

Each orthosis is individually measured for and designed around the particular needs of the client, with reinforcements and fastenings personalised to their requirements.

The tight fit of an orthosis provides circumferential pressure that helps to normalise muscle tone and provide improved proprioceptive and sensory information to the brain.

Strategically positioned panels are individually prescribed according to each client’s needs.  These work to re-align a body’s position and improve stability.

The combination of these structures within an orthosis work together to promote effective use of muscles during movement and improve independence during the day.