We are delighted to welcome Patients holding a Medical Card or Long Term Illness card.  There is no cost for our services for patients holding these cards.  Patients with GP visit cards are not covered for HSE funded treatment but may go private.

You will receive a full assessment by a qualified and registered health professional who has undertaken a degree level course in Prosthetics and Orthotics.  They will advise you which options are available to you, and provide the HSE with a  full quote for any treatment we recommend. Our treatment includes the assessment and fitting consultations,  the Orthosis or Prosthesis and any follow up appointment that may be necessary.

After you are assessed we will contact your local health area with the quotation and they will make a funding decision in due course.  The length of time it take for this process varies from area to area. Each health area has it’s own system for referral to our service but in all cases a referral from a GP or health professional such as a chartered Physiotherapist or Podiatrist is necessary.

We will need from you.

  • Referral letter
  • Your Medical Card or LTI Card Number.