APOS welcomes private patients to avail of our services!

Our team of qualified and registered health professionals are at hand to provide assessment and to advise you as to your available Prosthetic and Orthotic options. We will provide you with a full quote for any treatment we recommend.

Orthotic patients: Our prices include the assessment and fitting consultations, the orthosis and any review appointment (‘follow up’) that may be necessary. An orthotic assessment is a 30 minute long private consultation. If you wish to proceed following the initial assessment, we will ask you to pay a 50% deposit on the day.

Prosthetic patients should call for advice regarding private assessment fees as the time taken will vary due to the complex nature of prosthetics.

As APOS is a medical device provider all costs can be submitted on your Med 1 Form. Private insurers may reimburse you the cost of orthotics and prosthetics, however, we do recommend you check your cover first.


Card Payments Accepted


Download Med 1 Form