APOS Provides a full clinical service in conjunction with an Orthosis or Prosthesis.  Everything we supply is custom to the patient and is designed to meet the needs of that individual.  We work hard to ensure that all patients have a positive experience of our service and a good outcome form using their device.  

What to do if you’re concerned or unhappy with the service or item you have received from us?

Get in touch.  We will do everything we can to get things sorted for you.

The enormous variety in patient needs, designs and medical conditions mean that items may need to be reviewed and adjusted over time.  We guarantee our devices for 6 months from fitting and are happy to see you again in one of our clinics free of charge in that time.  We will repair, adapt or replace parts as necessary if required.  

In the extremely rare circumstance where we can’t resolve an issue and we can’t reach a satisfactory outcome for the patient we can issue a refund.  However this will be after all devices supplied by us are returned to APOS and less the initial assessment fee.