APOS Ltd is proud to be a 100% IRISH owned company. We are the only independent Prosthetic and Orthotic provider manufacturing in Ireland.

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We supply a full range of Orthotic devices from Shoes to Helmets, Knee Braces to Wrist Orthosis.

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We will work with you to design a Prosthesis that meets your needs. From the Traditional to the High Tec

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Our Team

Meet our Team of Highly skilled and Experienced Prosthetist/Orthotists, Technical and Support Staff

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Some comments from our customers about APOS

"APOS operates to a very high standard and I am very satisfied with the quality treatment I receive."

Mr T Flood
Co. Mayo

"After having Prostheses made in Co. Dublin for the last 38 years, I have found APOS 100% more efficient, friendly and professional.
Their attention to detail is excellent. Highly recommended." "In 41 years this is the best prosthesis I have ever had."

Mr R O'Connor Co. Galway

"Thank you for help and hard work"

Dillon Family
Co. Galway

"This is a wonderful facility for people like me in the west of Ireland. Its only an hour from my home. All the staff are very nice and helpful."

Mr Kearney
Co Roscommon

"I wish to thank all the staff involved with the supply of an AFO and Boots to my patient.
Their co-operation and flexibility greatly helped me in the treatment of my patient."

Chartered Physiotherapist Co. Cork