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Appointments available during the ‘new normal.’

We at APOS wish to advise our patients, service users and colleagues in the allied health professions of modified working arrangements during this current challenging time. Changes to existing work practices at our Kilcolgan clinic in line with social distancing and stringent hand washing guidelines are in place. Many external clinics (i.e. those NOT at our Kilcolgan base) have returned under similar strict protocols. However some have yet to reopen and we we are working with the service providers in this area to find a safe way for bringing these clinics back online.  Patients affected by these changes have been informed and will be reappointed when the clinic reopens or offered an alternative venue.  Patients can call APOS for an appointment in Kilcolgan if necessary as it is better that health issues be addressed at the Kilcolgan clinic than regress to require more acute medical intervention. This situation, however, is subject to change pending further government announcements.

We wish to reassure our patients that the appropriate measures as advised by the Department of Health are in place such as immediate entry to a single clinic room, vigorous hand washing procedures, provision of sanitizing agents, implementation of staff segregation and social distancing measures. Staff and management are mindful of the necessity to alter work practices in order to protect our more vulnerable patients. APOS will continue to offer an emergency, clinical prosthetic and orthotic service at Kilcolgan for needful patients where strict contact control can be maintained.

If an emergency appointment is needed in the designated timeframe, these measures will be explained to patients, on request, in advance. We are taking these steps within our remit as a dedicated disability services and health care provider. Despite the current, unprecedented climate, we will continue to operate with the aim of ‘restoring functional independence.’ For further information, please contact APOS on 091 796983 or by email at

Restoring Functional Independence

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